Saturday, February 26, 2011

Castle and Dragons

Typically, I enjoy painting landscape or scenic places I have visited. My subject for this painting was inspired from another artist. I would give credit to this artist if I knew the name on the picture I found on the Internet.

Castle and Dragons was created for my son who enjoys these magnificent fictional creatures. I wanted to use as few colors as possible to invoke a mystical theme. Most my other paintings I use many colors and variation of hues. The picture I used as my inspiration was done mostly in different tones of grey with hints of blue, black or charcoal. For my painting I used purple,ultramarine blue, process cyan, cobalt teal, paynes grey, raw umber, burnt sienna, orange, yellow ochre, black and white. I was happy with my finished piece considering this was my first attempt with a more monochromatic feel. I would have liked my painting better if it looked more realistic! I keep telling myself the more practice painting different subjects I will eventually find my "it" factor...until then practice, practice, practice and learning patience along my painting journey.

Sketch and mask

Used deep and light purple
for the under painting before
adding different hues of grey and blue.

Remove masking paint

Grey and blue blended too
much with the sky.

Used orange for an under painting.
Liked the affect
but it was not what I wanted.
But interesting!

Then I used a mix of Raw Umber
and Colbalt Teal

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