Monday, April 26, 2010

First Oil Painting!

Working with oils are definitely different from acrylic. However, there are some pluses and minus to each as I'm sure I'll discover along the way. One of the things I really like about acrylic is the fast drying time which allows me to paint longer. On the other hand, I also like the slow drying time of oil which allows me time away from my painting to make adjustments later on. Oil also forces me to slow down and concentrate more which is a daughting task since I'm impatient. The painting below is my first attempt at working with oils. As for my inspiration, I used a photograph I had taken of my daughter several years ago and decided to try something a little different when creating this painting. I wanted to work with only a few different shades of color since my last painting was all about color. I had thought about a monochromatic feel but wanted to experiment with a few more colors. As a result, I thought the painting was alright but lacking. It may have been my color selection but, whatever! I'll chalk it up to learning since it was a practice painting anyway. What I love about painting is the challenge and accomplishment of a finished piece. Even though the painting may not always come out the way you imagine it in your mind...there is always something new you learn along the way about yourself and your art!


  1. i like it you are talented, have you ever donr horses????? tina

  2. Thanks, Tina! Not yet but I'm sure one day I will.