Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Bite Of Information!

I have been reading online how to avoid painting teeth because of how difficult they are to paint...boy, how right they were. However, I actually prefer a smiling face rather than a somber one. I am sure with lots of practice it will become easier. Another thing that caught my eye while I was weeding through "The do's and don't's of paining" some artist think painting from a picture isn't art because you cannot capture the essence of the person you're painting. I can see their point of view but since I am still learning I feel a photo is as good of a place to start. I will say this I constantly strive to do better and to learn as much as I can through reading, watching, and practice. I feel art is ever evolving in tools and resources and some individuals implement what is preferred, comfortable, or what they know how to do. For example, I have had no art education and I feel that limits me because of the lack of knowledge and know how but I am not letting that cripple me because I have a deep desire to learn more and want to strive to get better. What I don't like about art critics or people that criticize your works of art is the negativity they spread. In my opinion, if you love to paint DO IT whether people like what you do or not... Do it for YOURSELF! One of the reasons I want to paint is to have something to give to my kids and future generations of grandchildren. Hopefully, it will inspire one them to become an amazing artist one day! I feel Art is an important part of our culture and it is a shame that most schools do not recognize it as a major part of student core curriculm as with Math, Science, and English. Ok...I'll step down from my soap box now!

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