Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Artiful Journey

[First acrylic painting. So much to learn!]

Since my earliest memories I have love to draw, doodle, or color. Art allowed me a way to escape from a tumultuous childhood and from doing something other than what I was suppose to be doing like homework. When I was about 12, I found this brochure from the Institute of Art offering art classes. I wanted desperately to go to art school, so unbeknownst to my parents, I filled out the brochure, drew the pictures that were required and sent it. About a month later a representative from the Art School showed up at our house ready to sign me up. Unfortunately, my parents did not share in my enthusiasm, as a matter of fact, they were not happy at all. They apologized to the representative and sent him on his way. My parents were not supportive of my creative energy and discouraged me from pursuing art.

Eventually, my interest in art school diminished and art became a hobby to pass the time. However, after graduating from high school I still had that creative energy so I channeled it into hair dressing and received my degree. Over the years, I doodled when time permitted. Usually, when I was feeling down. There was something about the act of drawing that created a mood enhancing affect on me. Unfortunately, that affect didn't last long. Once, I finished my drawing I would begin criticizing my work. I wanted my drawings to look exactly like person I was sketching. I would get discouraged and upset with myself for not being able to produce what I wanted to see. For many years I would not pick up a pencil because the end result was the same (bad). This pissed me off! I decided that my dream of becoming an artist was not going to happen. I gave up!

Then life takes on more important things such as; marriage, baby, divorce, another marriage, more kids, divorce, marriage, step-kids and so on. Then one day I decide to begin doodling again and hey, what do you know I improved. Not much but enough that I thought I wanted to give it another chance. So I began reading art books, going to the library and checking out "How to draw" books. And then I wanted to challenge myself further with painting so I found books on that. Another helpful resource is You Tube tutorials on painting which is how I found out about blogger.

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