Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Autumn Bliss" Completed!

Autumn Bliss

Finally finished! Actually, I really wanted to keep finding things to change but every time I did the painting changed. And it was not always for the better! One of my favorite things about this painting is the tree lined pathway of light. I wanted the painting to have an alluring effect! In order to do this I used the variations of the two colors orange and blue. It was a difficult task finding the right colors that coordinated with the actual photograph I used for this painting. In the photograph, the leaves on the trees appeared to be more yellowish in color with the ground leaves a rust or orange color. I played with many different colors for the path, tree trunks, and leaf colors. All of which were changed several times before I finished. The background also changed from being a soft pink to gray then finished with the white. I really did not want white as the final background but I was not sure which color offered the best contrast to the foreground. As I was nearing the end I found my changes were not making a great impact on the painting. Typically, when I'm at the final stage of the painting it is those fine details that can make or break a painting...that's my this case those details did not add much. So I called it, DONE! Like with all of my paintings, it is a learning process I find the most valuable. With each painting I am always learning and discovering more about the artist in me. I am not sure what I enjoy most the painting or the lessons I learn along the way, maybe both.

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